Press Release

The Official Launch of Beth Media​

Frankfurt, Hessen Aug 11, 2022   – Beth Media, a web and mobile design agency based in Frankfurt, Germany, opened its doors for the first time on August 1st, 2022. With a focus on delivering results, maximizing customer happiness, and fostering both employee and client success, Beth Media is an independent organization that offers the most efficient web design, SEO, and digital marketing solutions in the market. They take initiative, think strategically, and create execution methods.

More information about Beth Media is available via

A spokesperson says: “At Beth Media, we don’t consider ourselves to be simply another web design firm. We think your website is a key component in developing your online presence since it naturally tells your company’s story and we plan to help you achieve that. We plan to serve clients in Germany, USA, Canada, and Africa”

Website design is a complex task that necessitates both technical and artistic abilities. Beth Media has a team of expert designers and coders who can quickly create a site that supports the business goals of a client.

If interested parties want to learn more about the company and its services, they can go to